Homemade Yogurt with Tumeric Golden Paste 

Homemade Yogurt with Tumeric Golden Paste 

Homemade Yogurt is extremely simple to make, and is absolutely luscious! I have been using organic whole milk and Yogourmet Cultured Starter, but you can easily substitute some fresh cultured yogurt as your starter. I had been reading a bit about the health benefits of Tumeric Golden Paste, and discovered fresh yogurt is a delicious way to incorporate Tumeric into my diet.

Homemade Yogurt w/ Tumeric Golden Paste, VT Blueberries, Bear Naked Granola, & a drizzle of organic honey♡ I made the yogurt in my instant pot and added a 1/2 teaspoon of golden paste to my cup of yogurt: 

Turmeric Golden Paste

Tumeric Golden Paste Recipe

Instant Pot Homemade Yogurt 

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This is a great way to start your day! Wake up to fresh homemade Yogurt and dress it up as you please!

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