Maryland Loves Crabs 5th Anniversary Issue!

CrabmeatEtouffee Martinis w/ citrus rice salad and herb toast soldiers

Maryland Loves Crabs 5th Anniversary Issue!

Maryland Loves Crabs 5th Anniversary Issue

Publisher: Allan Ellis

Maryland does indeed love crabs! Check out our fantastic “Maryland Loves Crabs” 2016 Issue:

  • Crab Numbers are UP
  • Meet the Lees of Dominion
  • Cook Up my Crab Meat Etouffee 3 Ways
  • Learn Recreational Crabbing & Useful Boating Tips
  • Please don’t miss pages 13 & 38! Page 13 for my amazing Soft Shell Crab, Fried Green Tomato BLT Recipe, and Page 38 for my Crab Meat Etouffee’ 3 Ways

Enjoy this wonderful 5th anniversary issue!

Find my recipes for:

  • Crab Meat Etouffee – 1 Amazing Cajun Dish 3 ways


Crab Meat Etouffee Martinis w/ citrus rice salad and herb toast soldiers


Crab Meat Etouffee w/ Peach Melba with Grand Marnier & Jalapeño
Crabmeat Etouffee Sauce over homemade Old Bay Lemon Pasta
  • Soft Shell Crab BLT with Fried Green Tomatoes

Probably because my unconscious mantra seems to be “Everything in Excess”, I combined 3 of my ultimate favorite foods: Soft Shell Crab, home cured Chester White Heritage Bacon, and Fried Green Tomatoes to create a sensory overload BLT!

I am very fortunate to work just down the road from a man I believe is the best seafood monger in the area; Bill Merkle owner of NBS Seafood.

From soft shell crabs to hard shell, oysters to crawfish, shrimp to scallops NBS delivers quality every time.

I also was gifted by Chef Winston Blick, an absolutely beautiful Chester White Heritage Pig Belly, which I excitedly cured in pure Vermont maple syrup, and kosher salt, and into the smoker it went! Chester’s Belly produced the most glorious bacon I have ever had the pleasure of eating!

Soft Shell Crab BLT with fried green tomatoes



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