MD Sika Deer Steaks w/ butter caper sauce, goat cheese filled squash blossoms

My very last Sika Deer Steaks w/ butter-caper sauce, and Cheese Galore Gorgonzola. VT Squash Blossoms with Vermont Creamery Goat Cheese tempura fried… WY pickled quail eggs♡ um… winner! Thank you beautiful Shelby Ivy♡

I returned from VT with a motherlode of fresh herbs, veggies, and fresh squash blossoms from my step girl’s greenhouse! Wanting a quick and delicious meal I searched my freezer for some game worthy of the glorious squash blossoms I picked that morning in Vermont. I found one remaining sika deer steak I had vac packed 18 months prior… Perfect!


  • Sika deer steak
  • Cracked sea salt, cracked pepper, finely ground herbes de Provence

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