Venison Bourguignon made with Maryland Whitetail Deer

Venison Bourguignon
Venison Bourguignon with olive oil, sea salt croutons & parsley

Venison Bourguignon Recipe made with Maryland Whitetail Deer

Venison Bourguignon. It’s decadent… almost sinful. It stirs memories, and passions clear to my soul when I prepare it. I want to tell you  just a little about how I fell in love with Boeuf  Bourguignon (Beef Burgundy). Flashback to my first magical trip to France with my husband (then lover). It was the summer of 1993. I’d never seen Europe at this point, and maybe my lack of research into history, culture, cuisine, architecture… well everything… only added to one of the most astonishing trips of my lifetime. This trip charted my future.

I was 36, ascending the stairs of the metro which had whooshed us from the Charles de Gaulle Airport into the heart of Paris not far from the Louvre. I lost my breath that morning, emerging into the sunlight on that August day. Every building looked as if it’s architecture began as liquid marble; applied with a pastry bag from Paris’ finest Patisserie. Too romantic… yes… I know… but it’s embedded in my brain just that way.

My first night in Paris, excited,  sleepless, leaning far out of the French windows of our dated, walk up hotel, watching activity I’d only read about. I wanted to freeze time. In the morning, a train propelled us to Migennes where we met our friends, boarded their small, shallow draft, canal boat, and for the duration of this first visit, motored south to Dijon.

We enjoyed Boeuf Bourguignon in several canalside restaurants during that voyage. I spoke to lock keepers about the dish, as they taught me to raise or lower our little boat up and down the locks. I sought out local recipes, and when we returned home, the dish became ours. We would return to France 5 more times over the next 13 years. The first time, however, will always remain the sweetest.

Map of the Burgundy Canal

5 years ago, 2011, I added rifle to my shotgun / hunting adventures. Beginning to hunt my own red meat, I forged a quest to take my game meat to a higher level. I searched for vintage cookbooks, which grounded me in the principle that “primal cuts” are universal… commercial or wild… the muscle remains the same, and should be handled accordingly.

The History of Boeuf Bourguignon

Venison Bourguignon
Venison Bourguignon with olive oil, sea salt croutons & parsley

Venison Bourguignon

1 tablespoons olive oil

4 slices bacon diced

2 lbs. venison (deer, elk, antelope / steak or roast) cut into 1″ diced cuts

1 tablespoon chopped garlic

1 lb. pearl onions peeled, fresh or frozen

1/2 lb button mushrooms

1/2 lb. chopped wild mushrooms

3 tablespoons flour

1 bottle dry red wine, or enough to cover mixture

2 whole cloves

2 whole allspice

1 bay leaf

1 teaspoon Herbes de Provence

1/4 cup chopped parsley

salt & pepper to taste


Directions: These are pressure cooker 20 minutes, but stove top for 90 minutes works well too

  • Set Pressure cooker to brown or high. Cook bacon till crisp.
  • Add the venison steak, chuck, or roast pieces, garlic, and cook till browned.
  • Add pearl onions, button mushrooms, wild mushrooms, flour, wine cloves, allspice, bay leaf, herbes de Provence, and half the parsley.
  • Stir all evenly. Close the pressure cooker. Set to 20 minutes of pressure cooking. Quick release. Add salt & pepper to taste. Dish, garnish, serve, and savor.
Venison Bourguignon Truffle Buttered Baguette
Venison Bourguignon

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