Vermont Red Currant Cordial / Liquor

Red Currant
Vermont Red Currant Cordial

Vermont Red Currant Cordial / Liquor

The Vermont Red Currant

Red Currant
Vermont Red Currant Cordial

The Red Currant: they were hard to find in my 35 years growing up in Vermont; except for one very special bush nestled in the corner of our Vermont back yard circa 1972. It was my father’s pride, and joy. He nurtured that Red Currant as he did his  6 children; with respect, love, patience, and encouragement. There was something forbidden about it. Something special, although at the time I didn’t fully understand what. The Red Currant on this small rental property, somehow elevated my father’s Vermont Garden of Eden. He was happy out there, but then again, I think his job was always cultivation: gardens, souls, relationships, intellect, kindness, honesty… all were his specialty. As summer wound down, he had but a dozen small jars of Red Currant Jelly put up with love and pride, and he smiled with quiet satisfaction as he placed them onto the top shelf of the kitchen cupboard.

The mystery behind the Vermont Red Currant

That was a lifetime ago… When home visiting Vermont family, and friends last summer, I happened upon freshly harvested Red Currants when visiting a friend who bakes for Dutton Berry Farm. Karen Serricchio, and I met a lifetime ago as well; when we worked as bakers 30 years ago… we were mere kids back then… the unstoppable youth! Not much has changed between us. Early in the spring, in a plea for someone in Vermont to harvest a few spring fiddle-head ferns to ease my Yankee Jones, Karen had gifted me with two large bags she saved for me. It was like Christmas for me! (and ask my family… that’s big!) I returned to Baltimore with 2 gallons of frozen fiddleheads & 1 quart of fresh Vermont Red Currants!

Dutton Berry Farm

I thought long & hard about how to use my quart of priceless Vermont Red Currants. I decided on a cordial. Other than Swedish Glogg, this would be my first liquor in years. Let’s do this!

Vermont Red Currant Cordial

1 Quart Vermont Red Currants

1 cup Captain Morgan Dark Rum 100 proof

1 cup Gosslings Dark Rum 80 proof

1 cup Dry Sherry 36 proof

3 Tablespoons sugar

  • Using a liquor bottle, and a funnel, deposit rinsed currants into the bottle.
  • Add the alcohol. Close. Store in a cool, dark place 2-6 months.
  • Shake once a week.
  • Strain. Add sugar to strained cordial. Stir to dissolve.
  • Bottle & enjoy with people you love!


Red Currants
Aged Vermont Red Currant Cordial before straining
Red Currant
Strained Aged Vermont Red Currant Cordial
Red Currant
Bottling Vermont Red Currant Cordial



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