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    Spicy Pickled Eggs

    It is amazingly easy to make Pickled Eggs at home! Eggs are a great source of lean protein and good fat. I often adjust the recipe to incorporate new flavors, but here is a good [...]
  • Shooter's Sandwich

    The Glorious Shooter’s Sandwich Picnic

    The Glorious Shooter’s Sandwich Picnic This English sandwich is a wonderful carryover from the days of formal British Shooting Parties. It was as close to a packable Beef Wellington as possible, and was a delicious [...]
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    Joel’s Classic Fried Green Tomatoes

    Although I had been totally immersed in the book, and I absolutely love the film, I had never actually tasted a fried green tomato. This was approximately 25 years ago. My husband did the majority [...]
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    IOTA Women’s Shooting Event

    I spent an exciting day with 5 very talented ladies who all happen to be Certified NRA Instructors, planning our IOTA Women’s Event! Ladies are you interested in earning your Maryland Handgun Qualification License? How [...]
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